Produce a product for our customers that will add consistency, predictability and ultimately profit to their cattle businesses.   Over generations these customer herds should follow mirror our seedstock programs both genetically and phenotypically and thus make their production more valuable and easier to market.

Breeding philosophy:
Though improvement in all economically important traits is important to us, improving cow longevity and subsequent lifetime production is at the top of our list of breeding priorities.  Only by selecting for and then culling diligently for fertility, performance, udder quality, foot quality, structure, and disposition can we create more cows capable of still creating value at age 13 and even beyond.  It is our policy not to flush a cow until she has weaned at least three calves.  In fact we have flushed 14 different cows at 10 years of age or older hoping to multiply and promote the genetic traits that made them successful as cows in our operation.  Some of these cows have EPD genetic values that lag primarily because of their age, but lifetime production is not well characterized by these values and is one of the most important traits for our and our customer’s programs.

Environmental adaptability is another significant breeding goal at Circle Ranch.  Cows should work for their owners, not the other way around.  We run our cows in a similar fashion to the majority of our customers to help insure they will work in a variety of environments and promote profitability.  That too is part of the reason we harness the power of heterosis to create a more durable genetic product capable of breeding and lasting longer regardless of the environmental challenges posed.  We absolutely have a herd target for mature size that we think best fits the majority of our customers and the larger beef industry.  The lion’s share of our bulls hit that target dead center and many customers prefer them.  On the edges however you will find genetics here that can promote powerhouse performance for higher resource situations as well as some lines created to minimize maintenance requirements for lower input regions.

Bruin Ranch:
We realized early on that to have a successful production sale we had to offer in excess of 100 bulls in order to attract a sufficient number of buyers.  Bruin Ranch was at a similar crossroad at the same time. It just made good sense to form a partnership and join forces for a better bull sale. Fortunate timing and the fact that we truly believe in each other’s breeding and customer service programs, have made it a seamless and mutually beneficial relationship from the beginning. Today the Beef Solutions partnership markets 175 bulls through our sale and another 50 private treaty.

Bruin Ranch, owned by Lloyd Harvego and managed by Joe Fischer has developed one of the premier Angus cowherds in the state.  The quality of the bulls offered each year and the number of satisfied, repeat customers are a testament to the Bruin Ranch program.  Lloyd and Joe have built a great relationship with Genex Corp. and in the last three years have placed two Bruin bulls in their bull battery, Bruin Uproar and Bruin Breaking News.

If you need assistance in finding great Angus cattle to fit your needs give Joe Fischer a call at 530-392-0154.