Our Simm-Angus cow herd consists mainly of Nichols Prime Rib E160, Black Mick, 3 C Full Figures, Future Prototype, and KS Traveler M606 daughters. Many of these daughters have been produced by flushing our best Angus cows.

Our Angus cow herd consists mainly of B/R New Design 036, OCC Emblazon, OSU 6T6 Ultra, Vermillion Dateline 7078, and Bon View New Design 1407 daughters.

The cornerstone of our Angus cow herd has been created by Nichols Queen Mother X149, a cow that was bred by Nichols Farms in Bridgewater, Iowa. She is a daughter of P S Sasquatsh 904. Most of the Angus pedigrees at Circle Ranch contain X149.

Her sons have topped bull sales across the state, and her daughters are by far our most productive females.

We still own her at age 19. Although she is not producing now, she has been replaced by her daughter Circle Queen Mother L28, sired by B/R New Design 036. She is our top donor cow for our embryo transfer program.